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dive into Njal's saga – the Story of Burnt Njal

Upplestur Einars Ólafs Sveinssonar


On line – from the Icelandic Saga Database

In English

- Other languages

PDF – for printouts

- The Story of Burnt Njal - Published by Norræna Society 1907 - copyright 1905 T.H. Smart

- Njal's Saga from Full Text Archive


Files for Kindle, ipads etc.

- From the Online Library of Liberty

Njal's Saga / The Story of Burnt Njal in book format

- Amazon has a great selection of English translations on offer either called Njal's Saga or The Story of Burnt Njal

Manuscripts and editions of Njal's Saga

- On the Variance of Njáls saga homepage – one can find information on different editions and manuscripts


Hallgerda Longcoat

Thine axe is bloody; what hast thou done?
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