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dive into Njal's saga – the Story of Burnt Njal

Rap Battle - Njála

Rap Battle - Njála

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The Njal's Saga Tapestry is 90 meters long and 50 centimeters wide and tells the story of Burnt Njal. The illustrations and text, that have been printed on this long cloth are now being sewn by the locals as well as visitors to the Saga Centre. Everybody is welcome to participate – so come by and give us a hand!


The project, started in 2013, is run by Fjallasaum ehf. The concept was created by Christina M. Bengtsson and Gunnhildar Eddu Kristjánsdóttir. Drawings by Kristín Ragna Gunnarsdóttir adorn the tapestry. The idea comes from the famous Bayeux Tapestry, made in the 11th century.


Find out more on the Njal's Saga Tapestry website,

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